What is a salon experience? 

An experience with a stylist does not have to be lined up with 25 other people in a room, being passed from person to person. One person for this , one for that, another for the next step,  and then someone else to walk you to the door.

Many people find the mega salon experience scary, and overwhelming.

( Keeping it real and honest, some people love that experience)

My clients prefer quality over quantity.

In the future as we grow our team this will never change.

Have you ever wanted to share something with your stylist and felt shy to say something at the thought of being overheard by the next stylist and client who is 12 inches away from you...?

What about trying something new?

An experience that can be relaxed, comfortable, inspirational, wacky, energetic  and fun. 

It's time we stop living with ideas of the past and grow into the future. In a world built on "evolution" and "change", in an industry thriving and breathing by that change, it's our job as stylists to create that future.

When the mind of an artist  is challenged, provoked, and examined in-depth it can create a limitless existence.

In an existence of pure life, pure force, undefined shapes, undiscovered realms, and the unseen... Hair is limitless. 

A true salon experience should be memorable. It challenges the clients perception of what is a truly unique hair experience. And what a real connection is with your stylist. I believe that for every stylist there is a client, and for every client there is a stylist. When that connection is made there can be a lifetime bond of trust and respect.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are not just Canadian, they are global. From all ages, walks of life, beliefs, loves, and lives.

Our clients are open minded to "re-learning" how to take care of their hair.

Our clients grow with us, and are a part of our extended family.They have curly, straight, wavy, thick, thin, long, short, abstract, classic, colored and natural hair.  

Putting it simply, our clients are everyone around you, and all hair types.