So since this webpage is new and growing my clients reviews will keep growing and growing. You can hear the good , bad and awkward from them. If you want to know they are real, send them an email and ask. I  have an open door policy to how my clients feel.  Great word of mouth and honesty is what builds a business, not just good marketing.

I first met Ryan during a shoot in the fall of 2013. He did my hair for the shoot, and really transformed it from years of butchered haircuts and styles I had been going through. Since then i've only gone to Ryan for my hair, I even got my dad going to him and he gave him the best haircut he's had in 20 years, and he was a very stubborn man with his mop cut he was carrying around prior to seeing Ryan. Ryan loves what he does and is great at it, I highly recommend him.


Mike Mains 


I met Ryan in the year 2003. I received a gift card for a Xmas gift and Ryan worked @ a salon Ryan was working at. The minute I met him I knew we would hit it off...he was very outspoken like myself and laughed at my weird jokes, so it was a match. Then when I saw what a fabulous hairstylist he was, I knew he had me hooked. I have the worst course hair and keep it pretty short, so not easy to cut or maintain, but Ryan takes the time and cuts it to perfection!! I go to see him now about once per year as he is a little far from me, but then I spend the rest of the year teaching my regular lady how it's done!! If I lived in Toronto I would see Ryan all of the time, but for now it will have to be once or twice per year. He is the best of the best and is worth checking out for sure.

Ria Distefan

I met Ryan when modeling in a fashion magazine photo shoot in Buenos Aires. He became my friend and personal stylist instantly. We started a beautiful friendship. Every since Ryan left Buenos Aires, I´ve been terrified to go to another stylist and now  that's why my hair is now all the way down to my hips!

Eka W.

 I always tell people how once you have had Ryan Oakley do your hair, no one else will ever be good enough. Ryan is not just a hair dresser, he is a hair artist, and with that comes the passion and talent that any other artist would put into their masterpiece. Not only do you get an amazing cut that always compliments your face, and style, unlike other hair stylist you also walk away with a vast amount of knowledge on how to keep your hair looking amazing. He also shows you how to style it step by step, so everyday you can leave your house looking like you just left his chair, and if all that we're not enough, Ryan has a way of making you feel so beautiful and confident not just on the outside but inside as well.

Rochelle Rusell

I met Ryan at a single moms event where he was doing hair and I was helping out with makeup. As I was also a single mom I got my hair done by Ryan for our night out. He gave us all card and a certificate to come visit the salon he worked at. I went to get my hair cut and coloured and it was the best decision I ever made! I was a young mom but most stylists gave me a generic cut and colour. Not Ryan! He cut my hair so it flattered my features and the colour was incredible! I went for dinner with my mom that night and she couldn't believe how amazing it was. So amazing that after not cutting her hair for almost 40 years (seriously, not even a trim) she had her hair cut by Ryan as well and we were both loyal clients until he moved. I have yet, 8 years later, to find someone I trust as much as I trusted Ryan. I don't think I will ever find someone as talented as he is. Not only is he one of the greatest hair stylists I have come into contact with but one of the best people too. In fact, that first night he inspired me to pursue a career as a makeup artist. A decision that has changed my life. Love you Ryan! 

Lucero Proudlock

So let's start off with the fact that I might be the MOST difficult person to deal with when it comes to my hair.  I'm particular.  In the past I worked for a high end hair salon as a receptionist for 3 years.  After leaving there I had NO idea where to go and what to do with my hair.  I met Ryan by chance and a year later he is still doing my hair. His skill goes well beyond what I've had in the past (even better than when the artistic director from my old work was doing my hair for 90 dollars a cut!) Ryan has a vision for his clients and his talent and knack for understanding how someone will look their best is uncanny.  Hands down the best cut I've ever had...furthermore his personality and wonderful service rounds it all out to something that cannot be defined.  Some go to the salon to look good.  I visit Ryan to Look amazing and FEEL amazing.  That's the bottom line difference.  I suggest him to EVERYONE I know because he knows how to do things right the FIRST time.  Something I never experienced until I met him.  Thank you Ryan!

Chantelle P

When I first met Ryan when I was working in Toronto for the summer in 2012. 

He had just got back from living in Argentina, I was his interview cut for a renowned salon in the west end. 

I was blown away by Ryans passion in hair, he took the time to educate and explain to me the art of what a good stylist does.  Ryan is also extremely creative, being both a hair artist and a painter, this eye for colour was key in a blue highlight we did in my hair. It looked amazing, and when I was finished with it Ryan was able to die it right back in to match my natural brown hair colour with no trace. 

I'm a guy and still Ryan takes at least an hour with my hair and is the best I've experienced for the tight blending we do around the sides of my head, doing it all with scissors.  

I cant recommend Ryan enough for is talent, artistry and most of all his passion in what he does and the willingness to share and educate others.

I went back to Vancouver and what Ryan taught me came in handy in selecting a new stylist. 

When I moved back to Toronto permanently he was one of the first people I got in touch with. 

- Corbin Jensen

I met Ryan about 6 years ago, and I remember asking him ONLY ONCE for something I thought would look good on me. His look towards me was a bit funny, like he wasn’t entirely sure I was being serious. I remember getting it done, and while I was playing in front of the mirror with my freshly straightened, shapeless hair (typical Argentine style), he was looking at the result, analysing it, and there it was: a mutual consent to let him do his thing, in the face of my obvious lack of taste. He started working his magic and, when he was done, I felt something I had never felt in my life: immediate happiness after standing up from a salon chair. That was the last time I ever had to ask him to do something in particular.

From there on in, I would just sit at his chair, and let him do what he does best: amazing hair. It is his passion what drives him. After seeing him work countless times, we developed a friendship that would let me see him in action with other clients. That’s when I saw the passion for good hair. So much so, that I found that inspiration to start studying hair myself, which being an IT tech, is saying a lot. He created a monster haha.

Unfortunately for us, his path led him back to his homeland, so he is really missed on this side of the planet, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Daniel Diaz

Ryan did my hair in Buenos Aires in 2011. I was traveling for a year, and my hair needed some serious love after kayaking and being in the elements for months. I am pretty particular about my hair color. I love it to look natural and polished. At the time, my highlighted blond hair had faded after several months of being outside. A little brassy and yellowy... pretty rough.


He hit the "reset" button on my hair, and set it back to a really lovely natural dirty blond. I LOVED it, and it looked gorgeous and completely natural. No brassy tones, no roots, and a lovely base color. I didn't even get it touched up for 6 months, and got compliments everywhere! I hate that he is in Toronto and I can't go to him every time I get my hair done!!  He's also a pleasure to meet and get to know. Makes you feel gorgeous... and your hair certainly will be! Thanks Ryan! 

Allie O'Connell